Help YouTuber
design costumes
for the play.

Playcraft Live

Yes, it’s a play – performed
inside Minecraft!

We’re creating a new play which will be streamed live – from inside Minecraft – to the whole world on October 14th, 2017


Can you
write, design,
build or act?

Go to @novaskin_ design your skin, take a pic/screen shot or upload it and take a selfie in #Minecraft. Send it to us and it may be used in #PlaycraftLive #design #getcreative #Liam #Maddie #me #fun
Your favourite YouTubers...can you name them? Their skins are pretty great. Submit your skin designs for Liam and Maddie for #PlaycraftLive by sending it to us here or through Facebook/Twitter. #Minecraft #youtuber #youtube #animation #follow
Slow motion Matrix Camera on Dylans great skin design from launch day @playhousederry haha. See you on the flip side? hehe. Send us your skin designs now with the hashtag #PlaycraftLive and it may be used in the play. #Minecraft #takeabow #animation
Thought we'd share some of the caveman jokes that you guys sent in. haha. You can still send your jokes too guys! Remember to #PlaycraftLive #Minecraft #funny #jokes

Get Involved

We need your help.

We’re working with lots of amazing YouTubers and professional build teams to make Playcraft Live come to life. We need your help to help design costumes, build sets inside the game and give us tips on the scripts and acting!

Who’s Involved?

Join in with some of the best YouTubers and builders around!





Netty Plays


Hypixel Build Team




Adam Clarke










Peanut Butter Jelly Gamer