Playcraft Live is a project to create the world’s first play performed live inside Minecraft on 14 October 2017.

To create the play, we’ve enlisted the help of an amazing team of YouTubers to find out about theatre from the best in the business. In this final video, Bigbst4tz and friends Netty, CaffCast, PB Jelly and Mini Muka meet actor Art Parkinson who played Rickon Stark in Game of Thrones to chat about acting.

Are you as good at acting as Art and Bigbst4tz? We want you to have a go!

At the bottom of this page you’ll find descriptions of two characters from our new play for Playcraft Live, written by TimeRiders author Alex Scarrow, plus lines from the actual script our actors (and avatars!) will be speaking in the live performance.

Have a go at acting in character (in real life, on camera, with puppets, in Minecraft, however you like!) and share the results on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #playcraftlive. If it’s really awesome, it might be shown to the whole world at the end of the live broadcast on 14 October!

About the play

Have you heard of TimeRiders? They’re a team of time travelling youngsters plucked from the very last moment of their lives to work for a secret agency whose job it is to stop time travellers from the future coming back and changing history!

The play, written by author of the bestselling TimeRiders series Alex Scarrow, is based in the TimeRiders universe. This series of nine books sees the heroes in Ancient Rome, Dinosaur times, World War II and the far future. But, exclusively for Playcraft Live….they’re going back to Neolithic times!

When Liam is mistakenly beamed by Maddy back to the time of the caveman and woolly mammoth, he has to use his wits to not only stay alive, but to find a way to get a message forward 11,000 years to the present to inform her where, and WHEN he’s become stuck! Only then will she be able to save him…

About the characters

Here are descriptions of two TimeRiders characters to help you bring them to life using your amazing acting skills…

Character 1: Bob

Bob is the character Liam’s ‘Support Unit’. Support Units are genetically designed to be resilient, physically strong, incredibly fast and agile. They are grown with only a brain stem but no brain.

Instead an AI chip is pre-installed. Support units can withstand significant damage and have been engineered with self-healing systems. Major injuries can be repaired by regeneration in a growth tube. Bob can recall and process huge amounts of complex information, and, perhaps most importantly, he protects Liam on his time travels using his superior physical strength and ingenuity.

Can you imagine what Bob might talk like? How he would move? Here’s a line Bob says in the play:

“Information: we are located approximately 11 and a half thousand years ago, referred to as the Neolithic era or more commonly, the time of the wooly mammoth.”

Can you perform this line as Bob?

Character 2: Maddy

She’s American, wears glasses and has long brown hair. She’s feisty, nerdy and a total control freak. Prim but likes to be a bit crazy sometimes to let others think she’s cool. She’s the team leader and a brilliant computer hacker. Born 1992.

Here’s a line Maddy says in the play:

“There’s been a couple of times I’ve looked at that time machine and considered what I could do with it. Make myself the richest person on the planet, become the leader of the world, put an end to poverty…STOP pumping chemicals into the sky…”

Can you perform this line as Maddy?

Pick a character, or perhaps have a go at acting both. Perhaps you could act it out with a friend. You could record it on camera or perform it inside Minecraft…

Whatever you do, don’t forget to share it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #playcraftlive, because if it’s really awesome we’ll show it to the whole world at the end of the live broadcast on 14 October!