LIVE NOW! So far you’ve made some amazing things for our stage set (of the American Museum of Natural History) so we’re keeping the server open so you can build some more…

Calling all Minecrafters! We need you to help us create one of the sets for Playcraft Live, the world’s first play to be performed live inside Minecraft on 14 October this year.

In the play, written by TimeRiders author Alex Scarrow, one of the characters travels to the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

We’ve teamed up with Hypixel to build the sets for the play. They’ve built the large hall of the museum including a giant dinosaur skeleton, but what else might be on display? A whale? An armadillo? A woolly mammoth?

Take part in an online Minecraft buildathon from Saturday 23 September and you can step into the set and add your creation. What creature might you create? If it’s good enough, we might feature it in the live performance!

How to take part

If you are younger than 13 years old, please ask a parent or guardian for permission to take part in the live online buildathon.

You must have Minecraft for PC. If you do, follow these instructions at any point on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September:

  1. Open Minecraft using version 1.12.1 on a computer with internet connection
  2. Click Multiplayer
  3. Click Add Server
  4. Enter the server address:
  5. Click ‘done’ and you’ll be transported into the set
  6. Build your creation and add your name (so we know who made it)

Remember, if it’s really awesome, we might feature it in the live performance!

If you can’t join the live buildathon weekend, we’ll make the map available to download here afterwards and you can build your creation inside the museum another time. Don’t forget to share a screenshot on Twitter, Instagram or PopJam with the hashtag #playcraftlive, or show us in a video on YouTube.