The best phones

Best Big Screen Phones

In terms of screen size, each year that passes the new mobile phones optimize space to the maximum, surprising us with the reduction of edges or curved screens getting closer and closer to 7 ”(previously called“ phablets ”). Gone are the trends of the 90s and 2000s where increasingly compact phones were targeted. Today users prefer a smartphone with a large screen that allows them to enjoy a better experience in its various functions, applications and games.

The best phones

We will teach you what to take into account when choosing them and which are the best smartphones with these characteristics for 2021.

What you need to know besides screen size

When purchasing a new computer, you should not only look at the size of the screen but also other characteristics on which the quality of the image depends. Knowing these aspects will allow you to find the best mobile screen, regardless of its size.

Refresh rate

It refers to the speed at which the screen is updated to show the next still image, that is, the refresh rate is what gives us the feeling of movement in the image. This feature is becoming more and more important especially for the most gaming fans as it makes the experience more real. It is increasingly common to see terms such as 90Hz or 120Hz within the specifications of the mobile, keep in mind that a couple of years ago the refresh rate was 60Hz, for new mobiles such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 it is 120Hz.

Screen ratio

Refers to the ratio between the width and height of the image. This allows us to see how the videos, photos and games fit on the screen of our mobile, without leaving stripes, depending on the content format. The 6.7 ”iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 19.5: 9 screen ratio.

Screen type

Surely you have heard a series of acronyms referring to screen technology, but there really are only 2 types LCD and OLED.

LCD or Liquid Crystal Display is the type of screen most used in mobile devices. These screens are made up of a series of liquid crystals that are illuminated with a backlight. Depending on the way they are manufactured there are different classes, for example TFT LCD, Super LCD, IPS LCD and Retina or IPS LCD.

The other display technology is OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode), with its variants AMOLED, AMOLED Plus, and Super AMOLED.

Screen resolution

This feature refers to the number of pixels that the screen can display, the more pixels the higher the resolution, here you will also find different options: QVGA, WQVGA, HVGA, qHD, HD, Full HD, QHD and 4K. What is the optimal resolution? Although technically it is obvious, the reality is that the best resolution is the one that adapts to the use you give your mobile.

The benefits of having a smartphone with a large screen

It must be recognized that a screen larger than 6 inches offers you a more pleasant visual experience: by enjoying a sharper image in your favourite game, or looking at your photos and those of your friends in the best resolution, not to mention the ease of managing files and navigate applications.

However, many bet or prefer a more compact mobile for the personal work style or the space it occupies in the user’s hand. For example, the 5.8-inch iPhone XS features a compact design but presents its images in a resolution of 1125×2436 powerful pixels.

Others, for their part, prefer to enjoy a large screen, but with enough resolution to not sacrifice sharpness, as is the case with the Xiaomi Mi 10 with 6.67 inches, AMOLED technology and 2340 × 1080 (FHD +).

The smartphones with the best mobile screen on the market

Different manufacturers identify their larger screen equipment by including the word PRO, PLUS, Max or ULTRA in their commercial name, so this is the best way to identify them, however, we have created a list of the best options available in You. com.

What will come next?

Reaching sizes close to 7 ”makes us think that we have reached the practical maximum that a mobile screen can offer, but it is the opposite.

The new “foldable” devices give you a good screen size in a compact form factor and innovation is just around the corner. Recently LG and TCL have announced their new “rollable” devices, where their extendable screens make your smartphone have the size of a tablet, with which the limit is not yet defined!

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