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Tips for Sharing on Google Photos

Google has just announced the news in its excellent Google Photos application (if you don’t use it, it will take too long!). What these new features allow is to facilitate and automate sharing photos and albums with your people.

Google Photos

Well, largely thanks to the aforementioned machine learning, which automatically identifies photos and suggested recipients. That way, if the identification is correct with a single click you can share it. In addition, you can have shared libraries, which will make sending and receiving photos with that person super simple since you can share your entire photo library automatically if you wish.

Sharing tips

This tab will appear and you will be able to check all your sharing activity, including photos and videos that have been sent to you and those that you have sent to others.

In addition, with a similar style to Google Now, you can see at the top suggestions based on the people you share with regularly and who appears in your photos.

The well-known albums that group photos of an event, location or trip, now select the best photos and also suggest who should be able to see them.

Obviously, you decide and review what you want or not to send and to whom, and share via email or with a phone number.

People who have been with you at that event, if they also use Google Photos, will receive notifications to add their own photos to the shared album, and you will have notifications when they do.

That way, you will have all the photos in one place.

Shared libraries

If you want to share all your photos with someone, you can use this feature.

In the context menu on the left, you will have an option called Share your Library (NEW).

With this option, you will be able to share your complete photo library, photos of specific people or filter by photos from a certain date.

When the person you want to share with accepts, all the new photos you take will be shared with him/her automatically, and you can choose between saving them automatically or manually deciding which ones you want.

These new options are already being distributed to all users, so if you don’t have it yet, don’t despair that they are on the way!

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