Best Wearable Tech Products for Kids
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Best Wearable Tech Products for Kids

The advancement of technology is unstoppable and with the passage of time, it has progressively covered almost any expectation, making life easier for people of any age. The smartwatch for children, also known as kids watch, is a small, but significant example of this, do you know why?

Best Wearable Tech Products for Kids

What is and how does a smartwatch for children work?

This small device differs from a smartwatch for adults basically in two aspects: on the one hand, its functionality is much simpler (mainly oriented to the child’s location), and on the other, it has a direct connection to the parents’ mobile (allowing make and receive calls only with certain contacts), so it has cellular connectivity.

The smartwatch for children is managed by an application installed on the parents’ mobile that not only locates their children in real-time but also allows them to communicate with them at any time, sending and receiving messages or calls. In addition, to prevent them from being distracted in class, it is possible to configure the time allowed for access to the clock’s entertainment applications through a feature called “school mode”.

Smartwatch for children: why use them?

This device provides both parents and children with the security and peace of mind they need, since they will know where their children are at all times, and they will be able to communicate with them if they have any need. In addition, the watch has an SOS button for any type of mishap, which, pressed for a couple of seconds, will automatically communicate with your parents to notify them immediately.

Likewise, kids watch encourage children’s sports activity in a playful way, allowing them to monitor daily activity (steps, distances travelled, etc.) and granting certain rewards based on the achievements achieved.

Finally, it should be noted that they protect the privacy of the child because they do not have access to the internet or social networks.

Today you can find a wide range of smartwatches for children so it is important that you review which one best suits the child’s needs.

Family Settings: How to set up a family member’s Apple Watch

Apple does not currently have a smartwatch for children, but this recently released new family setting functionality allows their Apple Watches to be configured through their parent’s iPhone. In this way, children can use it without having to carry a phone.

In addition, with the functionalities of location and communication with the parents that we have commented previously. It also allows you to take advantage of health functionalities (the Apple Watch Series 6 for example measures oxygen in the blood), education of good habits and entertainment. These features are also available on the Apple Watch Series 6 – Nike.

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